Pakistan-Iran Gas Pipeline Project – Why Not Yet ?

The Pak-Iran gas pipeline project was preliminarily signed back in the year 1995. It is meant to give benefit to Pakistan to solve its energy crisis but for one reason or another it has faced a delay up till this date. It is believed that it is going through this delay because of the lack of funds with Pakistan’s authorities and also due to alternative gas reservoirs being discovered at Miano, Sawan and Zamzama.

pi 2But the major factor responsible for this delay is the pressure being mounted on Pakistan by United States of America. They say that in case of cancellation of this project by Pakistan they will aid in coming out from the energy crises. US Consul General Michael Dodman has also threatened Pakistan in January 2013 to step back from this project otherwise Pakistan will have to pay a heavy economic price for it as a penalty.

pi 1Now the fresh advancements are of news circulating that in spite of heavy opposition by US the groundbreaking ceremony of this delayed since long project will finally take place on March 11, 2013. If this project luckily takes an operational form it will be a great rescue to the horrific energy crisis Pakistan is going through these days. When this project will be practically started it will help Pakistan’s economy to revive. Industries that depend on natural gas supply will get a boost and this in turn will provide employment opportunities to thousands of labourers who have become jobless due to the shut down of numerous industries in different sectors of production. Well, we express our very best wishes for this project.



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