Major Problems Education Sector in Pakistan is Facing

Education is very important for the development and resistance of any country. The education sector in Pakistan is facing very severe challenges. The standard of education is not up to the standards. After passing 63 years of independence we are unable to introduce a unification n education policy. The education sector is victim of our poor educational policies. The educational sector in Pakistan is waiting for the rescuer. The poor economic situation in country is under stress and badly effecting education sector in Pakistan. A very minor budget portion is allocated for education sector. According to constitution Govt. of Pakistan must provide free primary education and declare it mandatory. Govt. must have to take serious steps to remove illiteracy from country. To come in the category of develop countries Govt. must take instant steps and promote education with in limited time period.

According to a report of Human development Report Pakistan education rate in the country is less than 50% and in world level Pakistan is positioned at 136th position in the field of education. Population wise Pakistan is 6th largest nation but its condition education wise is very poor. Majority of the population is enabling to get primary education. The education sector in Pakistan is based on uneven lines; there is huge difference in the education system and environment of Govt. and private schools. But the majority of the population cannot afford the fees of expensive private schools. In Govt. Schools medium of education is Urdu where as in privet schools medium of education is English. This is creating a feeling of complex among people. The majority of the schools in rural areas are deprived of basic facilities. People are s poor even they cannot afford to pay schools fee, they are unable to buy books and bags for their kids. The teachers in Govt. schools are not enough qualified to teach children. Teachers are not trained, they don’t know how teach? Their behavior with the kids is not good. They are scarcity of technical educational institutions in Pakistan. Govt. should take bold steps to improve the condition of education sector in Pakistan. To become a develop nation it is compulsory  to educate the country’s coming generation.



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