Life Style of people living in different Provinces of Pakistan

Sindhi people lifestyle

Sindhi people spoke Sindhi language which is their ancient langue and wear traditional Sindhi dresses. The Sindhi dresses reflect their culture and traditions. Mostly Sindhi dresses are loose shirt (Kameez) and trouser (Shalwar). The traditional Sindhi foods are very delicious and spicy. In Sindhi people weddings mostly food items are Sindhi mutton, Palak Channa Dal and curry. The people of Sindh are very creative and hardworking. People of Sind hove to wear traditional Sindhi Cap (toppe) and stole (Ajrak. )The Handicrafts made of Sindhi people are Unique and are famous all over of their world for their different style. Sindhi foke Music is very rich.

Punjabi people lifestyle

Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan and its people spoke Punjabi language. It is the land where five rivers flow. Punjabi culture is among the world’s richest cultures the Indus valley civilization is in Harrapa city this province. The Punjabi people are food lovers and are famous all over the world for their tasty food and hospitality. People from different parts of the world especially come to Lahore provisional capital of Punjab to enjoy food. The Bangra music of Punjab is famous all over the world. The weather of Punjab is very moderate and suitable for multiple crops. The people of Punjab are fashionable and religious. They love to follow latest fashions and trends. Punjabi people are very friendly and hardworking.

Balochi people life style

Area wise Balochistan is the largest province of our country. 48% of Pakistan area wise consists on Balochistan. The tribal culture is ruling in different areas of Balochistan. The dry fruit of this province is famous all over the world. The traditional food items if this city are very popular especially Sajji is a traditional dish of Balochistan which liked in different areas of world and Pakistan. They wear shalwar, Kameez, froks and men especially wear turban (traditional hat). The metal jewelry made of Balochi people is renowned all over the world.

Pashtun people life style

The people of Khaber-Pakhtun Khawa are known as Pashtun. Pashtun people strictly follow Islam and Pashtun traditions. They spoke Pashto language and wear traditional Pashtun dresses. They are very hardworking people. The women wear long froks and men wear shawar kamiz with Pashtun cap



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