How to Improve Education System in Pakistan

How to Improve Education System in PakistanEducation is a source that can turn a nation’s fortune and bring positive change in any society. Well-educated nations are always successful in every field of life. Pakistan is one of those developing countries that are facing threatening problems and education is on the top of the list amongst such problems.

Here are some important and effective reforms that can help improve the educational system of Pakistan:

First of all the medium of all schools must be the same. The division of schools in Urdu and English medium is a wrong concept that is destroying our education system. So, all primary schools must be English medium.

Secondly, there must be appropriate training programs for the teachers of Government schools. Most poor people send their children to Government schools for primary education. So the teachers in Government schools must be highly qualified and their salaries should be according to their needs and qualifications.

Computer study is essential at primary level. The students must have good knowledge of how to use computer and how it is helpful in their studies. There should be computer labs in every Government school so that poor students, who can’t afford computers at their home, can get knowledge of computer.

Allocation of funds to education sector by Government is very low. Government of Pakistan should allocate a greater percentage of total GDP to education sector so as to improve the structure of educational system.

Education is very important for the success of every nation. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of those countries having poor educational system. It needs to improve its educational system by making changes in educational policies and the entire educational system. Government of Pakistan should take steps to improve the educational system because today’s students are tomorrow’s nation builders and proper educational opportunities can motivate them to work hard.




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