A Historical Background of Karachi

In ancient Greek area Karachi was known as Krokola. This city is located in province of Sindh, Pakistan and known as Karachi. Karachi is the largest city and former first capital of Pakistan. The location of Karachi is beautiful Arabian Sea and Indus River. The major seaports are part of Karachi city. All the major industrial centers, transportation huge in fracture, commercial centers and financial cores are part of this mega city. The Headquarters of military are located in this city. Steel mill of Pakistan, oil refinery and automobile assembly factories are located and working in this city. Shopping malls of Karachi are the model of latest and organize shopping marts. The people from all over the Pakistan are working and living in this city. Few Baloch tribes of province Balochistan have settle down their business of fish forming in Karachi. The latest and new seaport of Karachi was established by the British Govt. in 19th century. The population of this city is more than 23 countries. Many refuges after independence migrated to Karachi and settled down in this city. After the independence of Pakistan the population of this city increased rapidly.

Karachi is getting full benefit of its ideal geographical location and becomes financial and industrial capital of Pakistan. Karachi is one of the largest expanding and growing metropolitan cities of the world. The Bin Qasim port of Karachi is one of the Asia’s biggest and busiest seaports. Mostly the major portion of Pakistan’s trade is done through Bin Qasim seaport. Karachi is also famous as the city of Lights and City of Quaid (Father of the nation). Karachi was a small village but with the passage of time many changes comes in this city and Karachi turns into develop a metropolitan city and becomes the centre of country’s trade. After the independence the rate of population and development both boost up. Karachi is mega collection of cultural and latest designs buildings. In recent years many multi story buildings and plazas are constructed. The architecture of Karachi is very attractive and charming. The Lady Dufferin hospital of Karachi and Karachi cantt Railway station are the perfect models of classic style late 19th century architecture. The Govt. and the people of Karachi have to play their roles to this beautiful city a model develop city.



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